Sprint Really Understands Customer Service

In yesteryears Sprint’s customer service was a dreadful thing that people avoided at all


Sprint Logo


costs.  I remember too often sitting on phone for almost an hour only to get an incompetently rude customer service agent who (as I am convinced) were clearly figureheads planted to frustrate customers even further and who knew nothing about Sprint’s products let alone how to troubleshoot a problem.

Well that was years past, today it seems Sprint has placed all of their efforts into their customer service.  When you call, you are kindly greeted and a feeling of worth and value just exude from the conversation.  Representatives are great listeners and really do strive to help resolve your problems expediently.

In the Cary/Morrisville/RTP market, there has been an outage in a cell tower since August 30th.  It has now since been resolved (since about one and a half weeks ago) but this outage caused me great turmoil as I was not able to receive any calls, make calls, or get on the internet effectively; being in real estate you can imagine how this can be a problem.  I had been calling Sprint since I first noticed the problem to make sure my calls were document.

Now that the issue has been resolved, I called in to see what Sprint would do about my inconvenience.   The tier 1 customer support specialist was not able to do anything but she did warm transfer me to an Account Services Manager who took great care of me.  After listening intently to my concerns, she placed me on hold to investigate the account.  Within a few minutes she returned and offered me a free month of service.  Expecting to have to get into a verbal fisticuff over why I think I am due compensation, I was dumbfounded to find this not to be the case.

In this economy, when businesses are trying everything to hold onto every single penny possible, to cut corners, and to scale down on employees, Sprint seems to be taking the road less traveled.  Kudos to you Sprint…Keep up the good work.

Post your experience with your current cell phone provider.  Why do you like them and if you are leaving them, why?

P.S. I suggest that if you were affected by the tower outage of the Cary/Morrisville, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina area and you are a customer of Sprint, that you give them a call.  Who knows maybe free months of services will be going around.

———————–Thoughts on My Daughter and Son ————————–

So this morning I was feeling a need for a little affection from my daughter.  I asked her “Sihiyona, do you want daddy to give you a kiss?”  Without skipping a beat she replied “no thank you daddy”.  So heartbroken yet the cuteness of the whole matter did make my heart smile just a little.



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