Far from mainstream dining but close to magnifique. Unaabi Grill Afghan restaurant in Cary, NC is a must!

What you are missing

Unaabi Grill Dish

If you like exotic or non-traditional dining, food cooked with the freshest of ingredients, and décor that reminds you that you are not in your average cliché establishment then Unaabi Grill located at 914 Kildaire Road in Cary, North Carolina is for you.

The minute you walk into the door you are hit with such sensually tantalizing aromas that you almost want to bombard the kitchen and start ravaging.  If you can hold back this temptation, you will be welcomed by a hospitable host who will show you to your seats.  Your eyes will be treated to the interior decoration which is authentic Afghani.

When it’s time to order you have a fair selection of appetizers to choose from and for those of you who are quite indecisive when it comes to food choice (shout out to my sister here), there is a combo platter that will give you a sampling of all the appetizers.  The main dishes are variants of tenderly cooked halal beef, chicken, lamb, or fish coupled with organic vegetables and rice.  There is a lot to choose from (personal favorite is the Chicken Naringe) as the chicken category alone runs to seven listings, from boneless breast to wings to half a bird.

Ummm Ummm Good!!!!

Mango Lasi drink

Afghanis love to use nuts so expect pistachios, almonds, or pine nuts mixed throughout your rice servings.  Of course, if you do not fancy nuts, you can always request they be left out.  For beverage, I never deviate from the Mango Lasi or the fresh Mango juice; which comes with unlimited refills by the way.  I could go on about the health benefits of Mangoes but will save that for another post.

Vegetarians need not worry as they will find a varied offering at Unaabi Grill; from a simple stew of okra and tomatoes to palau Baudinjan, an elaborately spiced medley of eggplant, onions, tomatoes and green peppers.  Even if you’re not a vegetarian, one of these dishes makes a gratifying side dish.

Afghan hospitality is renowned.  When you are a guest in the home of an Afghani, typically all the best will be laid out and certainly Unaabi Grill has not deviated from this tradition.  Check out Unaabi Grill in Cary, NC today….you won’t be disappointed.

Please let me know of your experience with this establishment or any unique dining experience with another restaurant you’ve recently has within the Triangle.

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————————Thoughts on My Daughter and Son ————————-

So the other day I asked my daughter, who is 2 & 1/2 years old now, to go potty after she came out of the bathroom.  She looked at me with the most innocently sweet expression and said “I can’t pee pee daddy, pee pee all gone”.  It is so amazing how quickly children learn to conjugate once they began to speak.


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