What Makes Autumn So Special in the Triangle

It is official, autumn, my favorite season is underway.  I love the coolness of night whilst being able to enjoy the warmth of the day.  I love that football season is in full swing.  I love the changes in the tree leave and vegetation colors; creating such striking display of southern scenery.  But there is so much more to the fall, especially in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Autumn’s arrival to the Triangle brings with it the State Fair and the Parade of Homes; two entertaining and exhilarating events that are family friendly and really are a must to be a part of.  The State Fair gets underway on October 14 and runs for 10 days to


NC Maple Tree Leaf in Autumn

NC Maple Tree Leaf in Autumn


the 24th of the month.  Apart from the great rides, wonderful food (I can smell those funnel cakes and deep fried Twinkies now), and amusing games, this year’s fair will also offer some greats entertainers from the music industry.  Artists such as Danny Gokey, Chris Tomlin, Darius Rucker, Chris Young, Easton Corbin, and groups such as Casting Crowns, and Honor Society, promise to make this year’s fair a unforgettable one.

If you are thinking about attending the fair, one of the best nights to go on is Preview Night; usually the first night of the fair.  On Preview Night, you will find great discounts on rides, food, and entertainment.  Also the lines for events should not be too long as the fair will be less crowded on this night.  Preview Night this year falls on a Thursday so if you have young children who have school the next morning, you might want to get their early.  Advance tickets can be purchased at a descent discount at http://www.ncstatefair.org

Parade of Homes

Being a real estate consultant, I really look forward to the Parade of Homes, which will run on October 2nd and 3rd, October 8th – 10th, and 15th – 17th in Wake, Durham, Orange, and Chatham Counties.  That pretty much covers Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and everything surrounding or in between.  Parade of Homes offers a great opportunity to find out what’s the latest and greatest in new home design and construction.  It also gives you an opportunity to talk directly with home builders as they usually float around their properties at the ready to answer any questions prospective clients (and Lookie Lous) may have.


People at a Parade of Homes home

People at a Parade of Homes home


As always, when there are a lot of potential buyers in large quantity, you will find Realtors there too looking to pounce (we don’t pounce, do we?) on the first thing with a pulse….times are that tough.  But seriously, you will find Realtors moving about assisting the home builder and seeking clients they can assist in the home buying/building process; whether this be to answer a simple question or helping customers compare one builder’s product to another.  Realtors are honestly here to be a valuable resource to the customer/client if they can fully grasp the value Realtors bring to the transaction table.  Unless you are highly versed (and I emphasize highly) in real estate, purchasing property without a Realtor would be like diagnosing your own medical ailment and operating on yourself.  I think you get the point so enough about Realtors.

The Home builders Association or Raleigh-Wake County; the organization responsible for hosting the Parade of Homes each year, is the largest, single county homebuilders association in the nation with over 3,200 members and growing.  Lasts year Parade of Homes had nearly 200 representative properties and we are expecting a great showing for this year.

Pack up the family and check out this year’s Parade of Homes, or the State Fair, or both, and you are sure to have a superb experience.

———————————Thoughts on My Daughter and Son ———————————

So my son is at the point where he is able to stand on his own; actually he has been here for some time, but is too afraid, or does not know that he can.  I’ve caught him letting go of something that he was using to hold himself up and then begin bouncing up and down on his toes.  Once he realized that he is supposed to be bracing himself with something, he slowly dropped down to his knees and crawled away.  In my child I see a clear example of the potential each one of us has in us to go beyond what we think our abilities will allow.

If you are interested in a private viewing of any Parade of Homes property, email us at


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